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REMNANTS OF TOMORROW is a strong conclusion to Kassy Tayler's debut Ashes Trilogy. It completes the story of Wren's escape and subsequent return to the Dome, a sequestered city that knows nothing of the outside world. The Ashes Trilogy is a must-read for fans of action-packed steampunk stories and those looking for another dystopian romance.

What I loved: Wren is a leader. She is the strong focal point of the entire series, and she makes it really move. Wren isn't easily swayed by the other characters' opinions or feelings - she decides what is best on her own. Sure, she takes into account what others might want. . .sometimes. . .but really, she thinks of what is best for everyone, and then decides. And then others follow. I absolutely loved this.
The love triangle. I know, crazy! Seriously, it was incredibly realistic and relatable. Wren is in love with her childhood friend, Pace. Then on an adventure outside the Dome she meets Levi, who came in on an airship from America. Levi is new and exciting and daring and Wren gets caught up in all of that. It's just like when there's a new guy at school, or at summer camp, or in your after-school club, and he takes your eyes away from that guy you've seriously been liking for a long time. This made so much sense. The drama wasn't overblown, the romance wasn't a central part of the story, and I really, truly, actually enjoyed this love triangle!
The steampunk aspect. Seriously, I was not expecting it. The airship and Victorian-era clothing and mannerisms, among other things, totally add a unique aspect to this dystopian series.

What I didn't love: The religious references. Call it a pet peeve or whatever, but I just don't enjoy too much Bible-referencing and God-thanking in my fiction.
The intense descriptions of scenery, clothing, buildings, etc. Again, probably just a pet peeve of mine, but it got really dry and boring at times.
The dialogue. It was kind of inconsistent and unrealistic for most of the book, and the whole series. At times it is Victorian-esque and steampunky, and at times it's modern teen talk. This really threw me out of the story a lot and made it less engaging.

Overall it was a cool steampunky dystopia that I would recommend to fans of both!
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