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Let the Storms Break continues the story a few weeks after the ending of Let the Sky Fall. Audra is taking a much-needed vacation after 10 years, while Vane is finally stepping up to his throne and training himself to be the hope of his people. They both have their own separate paths, at least in the first half, and the amalgamation of their POVs is worthy of a bravo! Honestly, the first book was a bit of a let-down but this one totally picked up right from the first page. The plot in more intricate, with Vane learning more about his heritage and politics and Audra finding hard truths about the world she lives in. The narrative of this book is especially more intense, and the way the winds are described as living things, it feels so right how it neatly fit into the plot.

The characters had more depth this time around, and a little more peek into the Audra-Vane relationship had me more or less convinced. I won’t be going around declaring them my OTP, but I have come to empathize with Audra and sigh at Vane’s adorableness (he is still hormone-driven). There are a lot more characters having little more roles, like Solana and Gus. I didn’t like how Solana was being treated like a trophy and basically lives on the hope that Vane would choose her (seriously girl, why?), but when she stood up against breaking the bond, I gave her a high five in my mind. Gus was the adorable sidekick to Vane and I loved their friendship so much – Gus also had a bigger role to play than Isaac who was just a one-scene wonder in the previous book. There are some antagonist as well who are quite interesting, but Anton stood out most. His character was so complex – a victim who learned to be an oppressor, but ultimately doesn’t want to cause harm. So, basically I was very happy with the diversity in characters and their portrayal into the plot.

The ending was building up to disaster – it is not exactly a cliffhanger, but it hurts quite a lot. It was pretty much foreshadowed throughout the book, so I can’t exactly say it came out of nowhere, but damn, that was painful. It just goes to show how much emotionally invested I got in this book, as compared to the earlier one where I was just meh. It was a great read and I am glad I continued with the series.
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