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I was a little bit hesitant to read this book – I loved the series so much and when I would read this, that world would end. Cross gave such a good end to the series in Timestorm. The first half of the book had Jackson and the group trapped in the year 3200 with no way out. They begin to learn about the past (or in this case, the future) of the scientific progress that led to the manifestation of Tempest gene and the repercussions of that, through one of the original time-travelers, Blake. Jackson and Holly are still part-enemies-part-something and the chemistry between them is alive as ever. We also have Courtney for real here, and get to see hers and Jackson’s adorable sibling love. Though slow-paced in the start, things get amped up halfway through the book, when they realize all those time jumps by the travelers across the two alternate universes has caused major problems in the present world. I wouldn’t mention the ending because that would be too much of a spoiler. ;) I did, however, feel that the end of Eyewall was done rather easily – considering they appear only towards the end of the book. I get that there were other dire circumstances, but what exactly were they up-to in the meanwhile?

The writing was spectacular as ever – with Jackson such a great protagonist to view through. His personal decisions are always based on protecting the ones he loves, and because of this he once again fights against being in love with Holly because for her, he is a stranger. The other interesting story is that of Blake, who had such a beautiful and bittersweet story. He squashed the idea that the full time travelers were made of hard logic and incapable of full human emotions. Holly is marvelous, in any version but of course, her world A version was bad-ass. The plot had a lot of things going on, with the reveal about the formation of Eyewall and Tempest. The action, in this book, was lacking though – after the first two books, this one seemed a bit of a disappointment in that department. It was a great book but fell short from Vortex-level awesomeness.
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