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It's impossible to write a Kasie West review without exclaiming over how compulsively readable her books are. I raced through PIVOT POINT and found myself doing the same with SPLIT SECOND. There's something so natural about West's writing style that makes it seem like you're right there in the pages with the characters.

And the characters are one of the driving forces of the novel. With SPLIT SECOND, we have the addition of Laila's narrative. Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of multiple points-of-view, but I should not have worried with this book. Laila's narration is so different from Addie's. I was concerned that their voices would blend together, but I didn't even need to look at the chapter headings to know whose narration I was reading. Their voices leap off the page and though the two are best friends, they're very different from each other. Their differences really strengthen their relationship. I loved how even though Laila made a mistake and betrayed Addie, they work through it because they know they love each other.

The romance is certainly upped in this sequel. Trevor barely even knows Addie, so it was definitely a bit heartbreaking to see her remember what she's lost. Though I have to give mad props to Kasie West for making their relationship seem just as effortless and right as the first time around. Their connection is visceral. You know they belong together. But wait...there's more! Addie and Trevor aren't the only lovebirds in this story. I adored Laila and Connor's blossoming relationship. They have that perfect slow-burn going, where they start off annoying each other and then realize how much they actually care.

What Left Me Wanting More:
By reading the reviews already posted by YABC Editors, I found out that this was the last book in this series! I honestly thought there would be more. The Compound hasn't been fleshed out enough for me yet. I would really love to see greater exploration of how The Compound's actions have affected the world at large. SPLIT SECOND presented the reader with troubling insight into how The Compound operates and it could be very interesting to dive deeper into the consequences of such drastic decisions.

Final Verdict:
SPLIT SECOND is a fun, romantic sequel with excellent character development and heart-racing action.
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