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Young Adult Fiction 2080
Must read for Forsaken fans.
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I wanted to read The Uprising because I enjoyed The Forsaken. I don't remember much over a year out besides I liked the strength of Alenna and related to her finally finding a place after feeling like she didn't fit in in the "regular" world.
Aleena is so tough and her and Liam have become legends since escaping from the wheel and coming back to the rebel camp. But things aren't easy there, they have been questioned about who they knew, and aspects about life there.
The romance in this one was good though it wasn't everything I hoped it would be. It was like they made their connection already and it was just assumed they were close. I was just wanting a little more heat. There was some now that I think about it, at goodbyes and moments of great suspense. Some good kisses and some very sweet declarations of how they feel. I guess it comes down to I wish they were together every second and that they didn't have to go through as many hardships. But then, that is what makes the plot so exciting and on my toes.
There were lots of surprises in this one. From continued answers to betrayals and places they end up to returning characters. There were also some new characters that I came to like and respect that I didn't expect.
The ending wrapped up the themes of this book well, but I was still longing to know what would happen next and what would become of Aleena and Liam and their friends and family.

Bottom Line: Must read for Forsaken fans.
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