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Oh My Jase!
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Dare I say that I love Jase more than Cam? Because I do. Yes, there it is, I said it. J. Lynn once again delivers a fantastic NA story that had me sitting down and reading until I finished.

What I loved: One thing that I love most about this series is how readable it is. When I sit down with one of J. Lynn's books I know I need to clear my schedule for the next few hours because there is no way that I will be able to put the book down. Tess and Jase are both likable characters. They are fun, energetic and fiercely loyal to those they trust. They both have issues in their pasts that weigh on them and these lead to some pretty dramatic moments between the two of them. Along with a physical chemistry that is off the charts they have the ability to really see each other and understand what makes them the way they are. They really are a great match. And really ladies, when you're feeling down in the dumps a cute guy showing up with a cupcake can fix almost anything, right?

What left me wanting more: Nothing, except I could have used a few more chapters of Jase but maybe that's just me.

Final thoughts: Fans of Wait for You will adore Tess and Jase's story. And don't worry, Cam and Avery make many appearances along the way.

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