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I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series, Wait for You, so I was super excited to read the next book in the series. While I was sad that we weren't getting another story about Cam & Avery, I was not at all disappointed because they are in this book, a lot! Plus I was pleasantly surprised at how much I love Tess and of course, Jase.

What I loved:
I love Tess and her sarcastic attitude, but she is so sweet and honestly reminded myself of me. She had me laughing out loud with her thoughts and I totally got her insecurities (though she really didn't need to be insecure). She has really been through a lot, and it was wonderful to see her finally stand up for herself and a friend (who is being abused by her boyfriend).
Jase Winstead is a, oh my goodness I cannot even think of a word to describe him. He is thoughtful, funny, conceited (but in a good way if that makes sense), and extremely charming. I really loved how he helps out his parents and his little brother so much.

Tess and Jase do not have an uncomplicated relationship. Both are dealing with things from their past and while they care about each other, they have to figure out how to be together. While it was a bit embarrassing for me to read about their *ahem* affection for each other (*blushes*), I really loved how real their feelings were for each other and how they fought so hard to keep them secret. Not to mention the fact that Jase is Cam's best friend and doesn't want to break the code of not dating your friend's sister!

Cupcakegirly references and cupcakes! Come on! Jen is one of my all time favorite people, so the fact that J. Lynn put her in this book was incredibly awesome to read! And I really really want a cupcake.

What left me wanting more: Absolutely nothing. I felt like J. Lynn gave me enough extra story on Cam and Avery, while still focusing the story on Tess and Jess. And she left nothing to the imagination. *blushes again*

Wonderful addition to this series! I adore J. Lynn's work and will absolutely read anything she writes.

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