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I grew up on shows like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. All thing Star Wars started as a young child and still continues today. Although I didn't find Firefly until NetFlix came along, it has become another favorite of mine. So when I heard about Avalon I was pretty excited!

I loved reading Avalon as most of my students could attest - there is now a waiting list for the sole copy in the school. And I liked it’s storyline. It is nice to see a rise in new YA science-fiction and I hope this is just the start of a great trend. It is definitely more of an action and adventure driven plot and I like it that way. It’s teen characters have lots of potential and it does have that Firefly feel without getting too complicated. Some critics might say that there is a lack of depth in the romance department. However, I like how it centers more on the main action of the plot.

Mindee Arnett is amazing at world building and the constant surprise twists in the plot make Avalon a fun read. Although readers don't get to know characters in depth, the reader becomes well versed in the world of Avalon. Sometimes books focus solely of getting to the heart of each character and ultimately the world they live in is just a flat painted canvas. I'm Avalon, the world itself becomes a main character and it's dark emptiness just adds to the dangers the characters must face.

Jeth Seagrave is smart, savvy, brave and loyal to a fault. And he's a thief. He’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and loves nothing more than being in the thick of action and danger-just what I love in a protagonist. He is also very determined to get back the Avalon (his parents' ship) from Hammer- Jeth's beloved intergalactic crime boss.

All of the action and setting of Avalon takes place within space.There is plenty of futuristic tech talk and gadgets which helps solidify the world building. Once Jeth and the crew reach the Belgrave Quadrant , the story and pace really begins to pick up.The Belgrave Quadrant had an almost paranormal-Bermuda Triangle- feel to it, and what Jeth and the crew ultimately discover is a true story changer adding a whole new layer to the story! A true page turner full of plot twists, betrayals, and exciting discoveries all the way till the very end! Looking forward to the sequel!

An action packed novel that is hard to put down, science fiction fans will love Avalon!

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