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Starters was a smash hit for me and the rest of the YA world. The highly-anticipated sequel didn't quite live up to the quality of the first book.
Callie, Michael, and Tyler are all safe and sound in their new guardian's mansion - but not really. Before we know it they are swept up in a dangerous search for other Metals: Starters with Prime Destinations chips in their heads. With the help of the Old Man's son, Hyden - did not see that coming! - Callie and Michael collect Metals to keep them from falling into the Old Man's clutches.
There is definitely tension between Michael, Callie, and Hyden because of the closeness between Callie and Michael and the possible romance between Callie and Hyden. Unfortunately, those relationships are not developed well. They are bland, with few emotional moments and a distance that makes the characters un-relatable and a little wooden.
Other than that aspect I did enjoy the book. I love the science elements, the technology, the body-hijacking and mysterious chip voices and all that sci-fi stuff is really great. I like the story itself, the plot is fast-paced, the action is exciting. The teens are able to kick ass, take names, and take care of themselves, and that is very cool.
Enders is a satisfying sequel to Lissa Price's debut, Starters. Fans of the first book will love where the story goes, the twists and turns and revealed secrets. My only criticism is that the bland relationships and dialogue make it a little hard to relate to the characters.
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