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Oh boy, where do I begin?

Of Triton was a mild disappointment for me. When I got my copy, I just stared at it for a minute. First of all, the cover is beautiful, even if I didn't quite think it fit the book. Maybe it would have fit Of Poseidon better. And then, WHY IS IT SO SHORT?? Like, this is what I have to hold of my Syrena urges until Of Neptune? Not enough.

Maybe I waited too long to read Of Triton. Built up WAY too much anticipation. Of Triton didn't seem to have nearly as much action going on. The whole book the characters seemed to be working up to the last few dramatic scenes. I enjoyed Of Triton (what little I got), but I wasn't thrilled about the book as a whole.

Before I continue, Galen WAS present. So don't flap your flippers too much.
But, he was always so busy! And there were moments when I thought he was going to leave or betray Emma.

The ending was good. Not just because it ended, oh no, there was just SO MUCH packed into the last few chapters.

Of Poseidon was great, Of Triton was okay, but I know Of Neptune will be the best.
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