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Shadow and Bone was a complete and total win. I was instantly locked into this compelling world, where Grisha have powers to protect us with, and The Fold becomes my only worry. I couldn't wait to pick up my copy of Siege and Storm.

Was Siege and Storm a bad read? Saints no.
I just didn't enjoy it as much as Shadow and Bone.

Being the middle book in the series can be difficult. You're no longer introducing the world with wonderful descriptions, or surprising the reader with new characters (as much), and you're not being wow'ed with the big ending. This book DOES NOT suffer the "middle book syndrome," it just leaves something lacking. The plot wasn't lacking, there were just spaces in Siege and Storm where you wondered why we were so concerned with some petty party when there was supposed to be a war soon.

One day our beloved characters will figure their lives out.
Until then, why don't I hate the darkling? And who is this knew Sturmhond guy, because I think I might have a wee crush on him?
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