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What Would You Do
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Just Like Fate discusses one of my favorite topics: can one moment really change your life? And maybe it can, or maybe it can't. But, in this book that's what the reader looks into.
It took me a while to get really into this book. Death and dying can always be a messy topic to write about, and even more uncomfortable to read about.

If you were given the chance to either sit by your dying grandmother's bedside, or take one night and go to a party with your friend, what would you do? To some, going to the party might sound selfish, but when your family is a mess, and your grandmother has been slowly dying in front of you, it almost feels right to take the night off.

So what does the main character do? She does both.

In this uniquely written story, the main character alternates in each chapter what would have happened if she would have chosen to "stay" or "go."
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