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"I have no idea what I just read," seems to be the consensus on Precious Blood. But why?

The plot was kind of messed up. Thank God no one knew I was reading this. Explaining it would have been a nightmare.
"Well, there are these three girls, who haven't really done anything right in life, but somehow now this guy they meet thinks their saints. And this guy is either crazy, or completely sane. And we're just supposed to believe everything he says. Even though, this guy could have killed someone and then he brings these girls to a church by themselves and no one knows where they are.... So yeah."


That was going down hill fast.

One thing I don't get is why all three girls seem to have a mild to borderline crazy crush on this guy that they meet. He gives them a bracelet and somehow they're all falling in love with him? And that's not even part of the actual plot. If you look up the Saints that these girls are supposed to be, then it just makes Precious Blood even more confusing. The girls' description BARELY fits with their SUPPOSED saint that they're supposed to be.

I don't know what I just read, but I'll probably still pick up the next book to see where the hell this is going. If nothing gets explained in the next, then I'm just going to call it a day.
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