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Young Adult Fiction 2066
Reads Like A Repeat of Twilight
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Carrier of The Mark could have been so much better if there was:
-NO INSTA-LOVE. It's always kind of difficult to tell how much time is moving by in a book, but I'm pretty confident that the main characters, Megan and Adam, weren't together for more than a month, and by the end they were already saying those three overused words.
-A BETTER DESCRIPTION OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING. The plot line is spur complicated once the two lovebirds are looking away from each other for longer than a second. I'm STILL confused as to what I just read and why exactly there is a forbidden love component at all.
-BETTER CHARACTERIZATION. All of the characters either are so wrapped up in their love interest to be of any use to the plot, have no real personality, or really have no use to the plot at all.

And why does this sound like a repeat of Twilight?

Glad it's over.
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