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First of all, I will read ANYTHING Nyrae Dawn writes. I have loved all of her books so far, and this one is no exception. I missed the second book of the series, so I had to just jump right in to the this book, but it didn't hurt me at all. The only thing I missed out on was getting to know Maddox a little bit from the second book, but again, I don't think it hurt me to read this book before the second at all.

What I loved:

* Bee. Not only is Bee strong, but she is caring (despite what she might think) and it's okay for her to have emotions. I enjoyed reading her story, and I felt for her the entire time. I cannot even begin to image what she went through, but Nyrae Dawn makes it easy to relate to Bee.
* Maddox. Oh boy... Bad boy with an attitude who cares for his little sister and can be irritating, yet sexy? sign me up! But honestly, aside from the Maddox being hot, deep down he is caring, loving and really wants to help Bee. I love that in my book boys!
* Bee and Maddox's relationship. From the get go, the relationship is pretty steamy. I'm kind of old fashioned, so I love how their relationship turned into something more than just a one night stand. I like how their relationship was complicated, like a REAL relationship. This isn't a fairy tale romance, it's realistic and I appreciate that!
* Dual POV's. I really love being able to read from the perspective of both main characters, especially when done really well. And Nyrae does it very well. It was an easy jump from Bee to Maddox.

What left me wanting more:

* Can we have a follow up Nyrae, please? :)
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