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Feel Clutching Sequel Made of Perfection!
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A HUGE thank you to Steph from Cuddlebuggery for sharing her ARC with me!

Split Second is the fast-paced, feel clutching, edge of your seat sequel to Pivot Point. It has an expertly crafted story, creative and interesting plot twists and well developed characters, all of whom made me literally laugh-out-loud at one point or another. (I may have even snorted water through my nose.) The romance is heart-achingly tender and the last line is made of perfection. PERFECTION!

It was kind of nice to read a story where, despite their abilities and the clash with the Norm world, these teens aren't staging some huge rebellion. (Maybe it's just me, but those stories tend to stress a body out sometimes.) Yes, Addie, Laila, Conner and even Duke are still challenging the system, but they're also acknowledging that real change doesn't happen all at once. They're also learning some important lessons about how to use their talents for good instead of evil. The characters who choose the Compound over the Norm world have their reasons, all of which are realistic and valid to the story and vice versa.

This sequel does not disappoint, but don't take my word for it, step into the box and Search it for yourself. ;)

Thank you Kasie West for another fantastic book, I will read anything you write!

Favorite Quote(s): "How does it feel to know that even though you have an advanced mind, the girl you love wants me?"

"Let's hope not, because we've packaged ourselves handily."

"If someone ends up hitting me by mistake, I will them clean and won't even care."

"Oh yeah, let me put on my girlfriend glasses and study them real close."

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