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You have to have read the first book, Starters, in order to have any clue as to what is going on in this book. A reread for those who have would be good as well because almost two years has gone by since I read the first book and I had forgotten a lot of what happened apart from the romance.

Starters was a surprise hit for me and I was really looking forward to seeing what happened to Callie, her relationship with Michael and of course, I wanted the real Blake to please stand up. This was a quick read for me and there is quite a bit of story refreshing that goes on which is helpful. And while Enders has all of the action and suspense that book one had, I kept waiting for the "Wow!" to hit me and it never did.

There are new characters introduced and plenty of twists to keep the pace moving. The relationship between Callie and Michael stayed firmly in the friend zone which was surprising and a little disappointing because when we first met them in Starters you could feel there was something more there. Despite everything that happens with "Blake" (in both books) I still expected them to find their way back to each other.

In truth, I think that was my biggest issue with this sequel, the romance or lack thereof. There was such a buildup in the first book and then an awkward, confusing and slightly creepy attempt in this one.

Readers who are more focused on the science fiction element will thoroughly enjoy this sequel.
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