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I'm sorry, was this supposed to be serious?
I laughed at all of the dirty parts. yes. Laughed. Why is that? Because they were just so pathetic and unrealistic and absurd , and disgusting. Kyler and Sydney were just like armentrouts other characters that if you took the names out I couldn't tell the difference. Another reason why I hated this crap: Sydney was the most pathetic and by that I mean down by Bella Swan, female character my eyes have read about. She whined a lot and needed to be rescued to much. Kyler was super annoying too. Whenever Sydney would talk to a guy, it wouldn't be okay, but when ever kyler talked to a girl it was fine. And the worst part was that Sydney was just like oh whatever ok. Now, to the reasons why I laughed. There was this one scene where the power went out and they needed to stay in the same bed to"keep warm" haha yeah. So Sydney was sleeping and then Kyler (unconsciously of course!!) started to put his hands down her pants on her lady junk because Sydney (of course she is!) isn't a fan of I quote "wearing panties to bed". I laughed so hard at this. So hard. Because it was just so pathetic. And also of course Sydney just stays there until Kyler "wakes up" to her making noises. And then he acts all surprised because of course every guy does this in his sleep, and of course he didn't know what he was doing because of course he was sleeping. Oh and what also was pathetic was when these attackers come into their house because Kyler banged one of their girlfriends and wanted revenge so they almost kill her with a snowmobile and Sydney who (of course ) lost all of her senses and forgot to , I don't know, move OUT of the way of her impending death so that Kyler had to save her. Then these guys come back later and one of them almost rapes her so she has to wait until someone can save her because she is too fragile to fight back.
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