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In Newcago, Steelheart, a ultra-powered tyrant, rules over the city using fear, oppression and darkness to keep the citizens of his dictatorship in line. It doesn't help that he's a nearly invincible, almost immortal with enough superpowers to make Superman go "whoa." One rather awkward and stubborn young man, David, might have the key to his weakness. If only he could figure out what it was... When he joins up with a group of people who are taking out super villains, he convinces them to go after Steelheart. It's uncertain if they will succeed or not, but sometimes you've just got to take the big chances. Even when they might get you killed.

I love how this book is basically chock full of super villains without any real superhero stepping into the mix to fight them. At first, I wasn't really into that idea, being rather supportive of superheroes overall (LOVE YOU, MARVEL&DC), but while I was reading Steelheart, its plot grew on me. While it still leaves the reader with a lot of questions, overall, its a solid beginning to a trilogy or series that will most likely leave the reader wanting to go hunt down the next book.
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