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So great seeing these characters again, and Garrick is just as wonderful and sweet as always
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Oh, how I loved jumping back into Bliss and Garrick’s relationship. I fell in love with this couple in Losing It and it was great to see where they are in their lives right now. Cora’s writing is as clever and entertaining as ever and I just smiled the whole time reading this.
Bliss and Garrick are so cute and so sweet. I especially fell for Garrick all over again. How attentive and loving he is with Bliss is just so great. No matter what happens, he always takes time out to show his love for her and be there for her. Bliss is as clumsy and awkward as ever and I still find her so adorable. Granted, she was still a bit too insecure for me at times, but it was understandable once you met Garrick’s family. Carmack does a great job at “selling” London, as if I didn’t already want to visit there, and I loved seeing all the sights and fun places through her character’s eyes, if only for a moment. Also, there were quite a few funny moments, in between the sweet moments I was gushing over, that I just loved and laughed so hard over.
Keeping Her was just too short! I want more! I definitely could use more Garrick. He had me all kinds of swoony and mushy while I was reading this because he’s just so sweet. I would love to see glimpses of him and Bliss in upcoming companion novels of this series, such a cute couple. This was definitely an adorable and quick read. I really enjoyed it.
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