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Young Adult Fiction 1855
An intense and entertaining sequel that have you flying through the pages
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After reading and loving Hemlock, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Thornhill and revisit these characters. Peacock really takes things a step further than I anticipated and things are way more crazy than I originally thought. What was once the story of Mac and the wolves of Hemlock, turns into something bigger and more sinister as the characters are thrown into the camp known as Thornhill. This book definitely gave off the “dystopian” vibe and if you add on the paranormal factor, that makes it all the more interesting. I think Peacock does a great job of weaving both genre elements together seamlessly to create a dangerous and exciting feel.
I have to say, even though I was Team Kyle in the first book, I’m a little on the fence after this one. Sure, I know there’s no competition, Mac loves Kyle, but still, poor Jason. I was questioning how real his feelings for Mac were in Book 1, but it’s clear exactly how he feels after reading this. And I’m all for the guy trying to protect the girl, to an extent, but when you continue to play the martyr, it just gets old and a bit annoying. Regardless, I do like Kyle and Mac as a couple and can see they really care for each other.
I definitely want to stick around and see what the third book has in store. Things get pretty explosive in this book and it sets the scene for what I’m sure will be major events in the last book. Peacock keeps us on our toes while in Thornhill and I really liked a few of the new secondary characters, one of which I totally saw coming, but still enjoyed nonetheless. If you love a good wolf book with a bit of dystopian edge, you’ll love Thornhill.
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