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The short review: IT WAS EPICCCC!!! PURE EPICNESS!

The longer one: So I went to the Austin Teen Book Festival 2013 an saw that Brandon Sanderson had this huge (like three or four times bigger then the longer ones) line and at the time did not understand why he had so many more fans then the other authors who's books I had read and thought were amazing. But now I get it! The world imagined in Steelheart is so amazing and realistic. I know it's fiction and there were a lot of gadgets and powers that are not real (at least right now) but it still seemed very plausible. Like the cell phones they were more advanced but not so much that I could not see them getting like that in ten years. The whole setting from the social hierarchy to the futurist guns and superhuman powers is just phenomenal! I liked David enough as a MC but would have connected much better I think if there was a chapter or two before he meets the Reckoners. Megan I absolutely adored though and I hope to see more of her, especially her back story and maybe some chapters with her POV in Firefight! I would love that so much!!!
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