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Young Adult Fiction 2230
Amazing Twist on Frankenstein Tale
(Updated: November 26, 2013)
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One thing I have to say is right off the bat is I totally loved the voice of Boy, the son of Frankenstein and The Bride. Only in this story, Boy lives with his parents and other 'creatures' in New York who all are part of a modern day freak show. The writing is hilarious at times and filled with longing and teen anguish. Boy longs to be human even when others around him warn him that the outside world is scary and won't accept him.

Skovron spins a new twist on the Frankenstein tale and breaths life into the characters, especially Boy. He's a computer nerd that wants much more than what is expected of him. This coming of age story is at times different, creepy, and a tad bit strange. But that's what makes Boy's road trip even more endearing. I wanted him to find what he longed for and admit, wanted to protect him against the prejudice out in our world. The writing is fresh without making Boy's journey go over the top. Very imaginative and also poignant.

Creepy, hilarious read of the son of Frankenstein as he goes on a road trip with the granddaughter of Jekyl and Hyde while battling against his own creation and his heart. Unique, retelling of a classic, this book is sure to be a hit with readers.
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November 26, 2013
Sounds good
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