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So, I'm the girl who fell for Noah in 'Pushing the Limits', then I thought no one could beat my adoration for Ryan in 'Dare You To', and then came Isaiah. I liked Isaiah in the first two books, but holy cow, I LOVE him now. As I mentioned to Katie McGarry on twitter "Ryan is the kind of guy I would love...but Isaiah is the guy to make me LIVE!"

I loved the dual POV's. Katie McGarry does an outstanding job of really making the characters relateable and making you care deeply for them. It's also very easy to fall into their lives and get caught up in them. I've never dealt with foster care, or grew up rich, but I found it quite easy to understand those worlds from Isaiah and Rachel's POV. I also loved how we still get updates on our beloved characters from the first two books. Noah, Echo, Ryan, Beth, and even Logan are back! I appreciate how Ms. McGarry keeps us posted on what's going on in their lives now.

I also loved Rachel's character. She is such a strong, giving, yet extremely complicated character. My heart just hurt for her because of the pressure she was under from her family. However, I thought the situation was handled very well and I was very pleased with how Rachel's story ends. I also adored her older brothers and how protective they were of her. But yet she was still able to get out and drive fast in her mustang when she needed to. And I LOVED how driving fast/cars was her release!

Just like the other two books, this book kept me on the edge of my seat. Isaiah and Rachel's story is not all roses and lovey dovey. Their story is not easy. I appreciate the twists and turns and how their lives are not perfect.

Overall, an outstanding addition to this series. It's one of my favorite series of ALL TIME. I will read anything this author writes. Yep, I'm a total fangirl. If you have not read this series yet, read it now. It's fantastic!
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