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Love In The Fast Lane
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WHAT I LOVED: Once again Katie McGarry has given us characters who are a blend of strength and vulnerability with heartbreaking, yet hopeful stories. I loved the dual POV and both characters had distinct voices as well as fonts which I thought was cool.

With the background that Isaiah comes from, it's no wonder he has major trust issues and doubts his self-worth. The foster care system is supposed to help and protect children but it often fails. On the flip side is Rachel. She's spent her whole life knowing that despite her picture perfect life, she is merely a replacement. And her efforts to live up to her family's expectations have taken a dangerous toll on her health.

Neither Isaiah nor Rachel truly feel like themselves unless they're behind the wheel of a car cruising at speeds that would make most people cower. When they meet, they aren't looking for anything more than a way to escape their circumstances, even if just for one night. I liked that they chose to work together even though they didn't have to. People often complain about stories that feel like insta-love and I have too when it doesn't feel genuine. But it is totally plausible and it does happen. (I met my husband on Christmas Eve, we had our first date in January and by March I knew I would marry him. That was eighteen years ago. *shrugs*)

I also liked that this wasn't a, "Cross the finish line and ride off into the sunset where they live happily-ever-after" kind of ending. Isaiah and Rachel face even greater challenges after the racing situation it behind them and in it's in that part of the story where we see growth from everyone.


FINAL VERDICT: Another great companion to the Pushing the Limit's series and I CAN NOT wait for West's story!
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