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So I admit, I don’t think I have read the original Oliver Twist which is what Olivia Twisted by Vivi Barnes is a redo of. I much rather read this version though, ha ha. I definitely loved it. There are things I recognized from the classic novel though so I must have seen a movie or even maybe read the book and don’t remember.

At the beginning of the book I like Olivia right away. I’m not sure why I just connected easily with her character, Z on the other I didn’t like at all. It made me feel like I wanted Olivia to get the better of him rather than fall into his arms. I eventually came around to Z but I like that Olivia stays weary. she might be hung up on him a bit but at the same time there is something in her mind that blares a warning. Maybe this is why I like Olivia so much, she is sweet and innocent in one respect but then also smart and aware in another.

Derrick is an interesting character, at first I think he is creepy. Then I start to think well maybe he just really wants to be a dad and I’m being unfair. There is obviously more to his story and Denise’s story. Then well he gets creepy again. I thought his character was well written because despite your gut reaction to him there is a part of you that thinks you might be wrong. Some things about the couple are never completely answered and I am a bit curious. I think when a book has a couple of great main characters and an intriguing side character (even if he is gross) you can’t go wrong.

I really think this is a great updated version to the classic. You really are not going to see too many people picking pockets on the streets, being computer hackers makes more sense for the modern era. You can skim a little money and not get caught as easily. Plus the idea of using runaways and foster kids makes perfect sense. Since usually those kids would not have any family or want out of the system.

I enjoyed the romance because it starts out more of a game, to Z especially but then grows into something else. They aren’t going into thinking I’m going to be ga ga for this person. They work their way around to it.It’s just cute, sweet, snarky and perfect.

All I have to say if you like modern redos of old classic this is a great example. I don’t think you will be disappointed. I loved the book and zoomed through the pages. It was one of those books that totally hooked me. Read it, Love it, Breathe it. :)
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