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I read reviews on this book before I got it, and most of them seemed to be fairly positive. Well actually, really positive. It seemed like EVERYONE was raving about this book. I thought to myself, "Why not?" Being a lesbian myself, I thought I'd be able to connect with Cameron/any other lesbian characters in the book. Nada. Nope. Not at all.

Don't get me wrong, the writing was half-decent. The descriptions were just right for a rural Montana setting. I love books that specifically characterize the setting, which is probably why I loved Beautiful Creatures so much, but now we're getting off topic. So yes, I did enjoy this aspect of the book. I also thought that some elements of the plot seemed okay, even though I ended up putting the book down before dear Cameron even got to the camp. So now begins my rant about everything in this book that ticked me off beyond belief.

While it was all well and good that Cameron stayed true to herself and all that stuff - and I'm all for that, trust me - I was never fully convinced that she was a lesbian in the first place. I mean I'm sorry, but your best friend when you're twelve and then a casual summer fling don't exactly determine your sexual orientation. Cameron dear, I believe you're bi-curious. But then we get to Coley and I actually started having some hope that maybe Cameron was actually lesbian. But no, all we get it stuff like "Coley has a pretty face" or "Coley has a nice body' (which are not direct quotes but might as well be). And then they start making out, which is wrong not because they are both women, but because Coley has defined herself as heterosexual and HAS A BOYFRIEND. And then they have sex. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is when I put the book down because I was done. And to think that people even had the nerve to compare this novel to Annie on My Mind. It doesn't even come close.
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