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Julie Kagawa never disappoints!
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I am a HUGE fan of Julie Kagawa. I love ALL of her books. I am a total fangirl of hers. So, of course when I was given the opportunity to read this book for review, I jumped at the chance.

The book picks up where The Lost Prince picks up. Ethan Chase is now back at school and everyone thinks he kidnapped Kenzie and put her in the hospital. While dealing with the horrible rumors at school, Ethan finds out that his nephew, Keirran, is missing and the lots of fey are looking for him. Now, Ethan has to decide if he's going to go back into the Never Never and look for him. Well, duh, of course he goes!

What I loved:

Ethan Chase. I adore this character. He's a bad boy, but only because he has to be. He has a kind heart and puts his family first, which is totally swoon worthy. He is so sweet and protective of Kenzie, too. He's also incredibly brave. And he's pretty funny, too!
Prince Keirran. He's Ash's son, enough said. Just kidding. He's in love with a summer fey and is trying to keep her from disappearing forever, so he will do whatever it takes to keep her with him, even if that means he dies. I mean come on! What a guy! I love his determination and fierceness.
Never Never! much as this world scares the pants off me, I love reading about it. The characters are never safe and not quite sure what to expect at any moment, but the Never Never is always entertaining (for me anyway, probably not for the characters).

What left me wanting more:
I will always want more of this series. Always. However, Julie Kagawa does a fantastic job of giving us a sneak peek of the characters we love (*ahem* Ash).
The ending. Oh Julie Kagawa, why must you torture us?

Definitely a fantastic read. If you've read the rest of the series, you will LOVE it! If you haven't, why not? Go get the rest of the series and dig in my friend!
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