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Hidden Wings by Cameo Renae
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I received an e-copy of this book from the publishers at NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I had actually heard good things about the author, Cameo Ranae, before I ended up putting in a request for this book. I had seen this book several times while looking through the Amazon Kindle books and had bypassed it thinking I didn't want to purchase the book from an author I only recognized from word of mouth and perhaps end up regretting my purchase. So I waited. I had all but forgotten about the book when it showed up on NetGalley. Here was the PERFECT opportunity to try out a new author's writing and see if I liked what she produced. It was a choice I definitely don't regret.

Emma's work is rocked to it's core when she awakens in a hospital bed and is told that the parents she has loved her whole life were killed in a car crash. No matter the amount of times her survival is deemed a miracle, Emma wishes she had died along side her loving parents. Emma can't understand what has happened to her life nor what will come of it now.

It is only in the darkest recesses of Emma's grief that she learns she does have one more living relative. An aunt who lives in Alaska and will do anything to be given the chance to take care of Emma. Emma is hesitant since she has never heard mention of this aunt and she doesn't want to leave her life in sunny California for the an unknown destination in frigid Alaska. However, left with no other choice, she relents to starting her life over.

It is only after she meets her devastatingly handsome escort that she becomes a bit more accepting of her destination. That is until she comes face-to-face with a creature of nightmares. Deathly pale, smelling of rot, and with bloodlust in it's eyes, Emma realizes that her move to Alaska may not be as boring and safe as she first believed.

I hope I am not giving anything away but... this book is about angels. Yes, I am sure most caught that from the title. There are hundreds of books (especially in fiction) about angels. So, it's a pretty tough task to find angel books that are original. Surprisingly, this book was fairly unique. It incorporates a new breed of create into the typical angel story line that gives it a little something extra. The Darklings, while not a main focal point, were one of my favorite new races I have read about. Their appearance in an otherwise structured angel character cast set the book apart for me. Their creation along with the blossoming romance (that I absolutely love in almost all books I read, hopeless romantic that I am) in this book made for a fun read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hidden Wings will show its readers that even when you feel you're plummeting to your death in times of tragedy, someone, or even a group of someones, will always be there to give you wings to soar.

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