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Long Lankin audiobook review
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This was awesome as an audiobook. I think it just gave it that sitting-around-a-campfire-telling-ghost-stories feel which went really well with the story. Especially the little creepy song about Lankin (though I don't recall the reader actually singing it.)

I'm happy to say Long Lankin didn't disappoint in the creepy department. The author did a fantastic job of building up the creepy feeling without drawing it out too much. She also did a good job with the mystery aspect, what with everyone in the town seeming to know about Lankin but saying nothing. I didn't really expect it to have a human aspect to it at all. I kind of assumed it was just a town monster thing, but the real reason behind it all was pretty interesting.

I liked all the different viewpoints, though it got a bit confusing sometimes because I couldn't really flip back and check who was narrating, but I got used to all the characters' different voices (and not just the reader's) by the end.

I still feel slightly confused about Lankin. I spent a good majority of the story thinking he just got a bad lot in life, but at the end it seemed like he was evil and basically always had been. Anyway, I'll stop before I spoil too much.
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