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It’s been a while since I’ve had a book that’s kept me up reading until midnight. I knew when putting together my pile or books for October that As Dead As It Gets would be perfect for the spooky Halloween ambiance. I loved the first book, Bad Girls Don’t Die, quite a lot. The setting with the eerie old house was just perfect, but I though it’s sequel, From Bad to Cursed, kind of fell flat. However, while I don’t think it was as good as book one, As Dead As It Gets definitely made up for what was lacking in book two.

Alexis is a main character that really appeals to me. Maybe it’s her love for photography or the fact that she doesn’t have normal colored hair (with the exception of book two.) I always seem to end up loving characters that have Crayola colored hair… Anyway, I’ve always liked Alexis as the main character. She’s one of those people who try to stay out of the way and out of the spotlight, but can and will step up when she needs to. And in this book, she has so much more baggage than what she started out with in book one. I think damaged characters are the most interesting to read, and we’ve got our fill of damaged characters in this book especially. I was actually surprised that I ending up really liking characters that I had just hated in the previous novels. I won’t say anymore because, you know, spoilers.

The story had plot twists all over the place. First we think that it’s one person causing all these horrible events to happen, but then we fins out it’s someone else, and then we find out that it’s someTHING else. And we find out that characters that we thought we trustworthy aren’t and vice versa. It’s kind of mind melting. Katie Alender does such a wonderful weaving everything together and taking the story to places I never thought it would go. And it’s so creepy. This series does a really good job of keeping you up late reading, but then not wanting to turn off the light. This novel also had more romance than it’s predecessors, but it will also make you want to keep the light on, I guarantee that.

Overall, I thought this was an appropriate end to the series. It was kind of bittersweet–some things work out for the better, but a lot more turn out badly. And I like that. I like that everyone is probably more damaged than when they started out. It’s more realistic that way. Although I’ll be sad to see this series end, I’m excited to read what else Katie Alender comes up with. Consider me a fan.
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