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I cannot get enough of this series.
Can I just have my review say one word? Gansey. Done, there you have it! No? Okay then.

But seriously, Gansey. What is it about this boy that I love so much? I love...LOVE his character. I love how intelligent he is, I love how motivated he is (even if it's a bit crazy), and I love his loyalty to his friends. I love you Gansey!

Okay, moving on.

I seriously feel like this series is Maggie Stievfater's best series yet. And I'm a HUGE fan of hers, so that's saying a lot. I read The Raven Boys and was blown away. BLOWN AWAY. And The Dream Thieves is even better. This is how you write a sequel.

Things I loved:

Gansey. you didn't see that one coming.

Ronan's story. I love how Ronan is a central part to this book and the background information we learn about. He is a complicated boy and I now I finally understand why. Also, how in the world is this boy able to live like he does? My goodness Maggie...well done! What a superb character!

I absolutely love the magical, mystical feel of this world Maggie has created. I want to live in this world. But only if I can meet Gansey.

Blue and Gansey. The sheer heartbreak of their relationship is enough to make me cry. I want things to be so different for them. My heart breaks for Blue. I love how both of them are realizing their true feelings for each other in this book, but hate how they cannot act upon it! However, their relationship is incredibly romantic. Sigh.

What left me wanting more:

I only want more of the story! I cannot wait until the third book.

All in all, superior book! Outstanding writing. If you haven't started this series yet, what are you waiting for?
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