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Oh my goodness, where to begin. I adored this book. I loved how Cami worked for her father in his French restaurant. I loved how her father was a part of her life in such a huge way. It's nice to see a father care so much about his daughter in a book.

The characters are written really well. I felt like I knew these characters and honestly could understand their feelings. I really never got Luke and Cami's relationship. Luke kind of made me mad because he was being selfish and was a bit pushy, especially in a physical way. But I understood his feelings and even towards the middle of the book when I was really mad at him, I understood why he was acting that way. I think that says a lot about the author's writing! I really enjoyed Estella's (Cami's step mother) character. She was loving, kind, supportive and a really cook step mom! A lot of books I've read have the step mother trying to get the daughter out of the picture, and I was very pleased that this was not one of those books! Julian...oh Julian. First of all, his name is almost my name, so he's got that going for him. Secondly, the boy is a hero, even though he doesn't think he is. And thirdly, he's gorgeous. His character is so complicated and I would really love to read a few scenes from his perspective (hint hint). From the first time we meet him, screaming at Cami to the more down to earth, kind and thought provoking intelligent man, I adored him. I would love to read more about their story! Please Sabrina Elkins, tell me there is more of their story!

Overall, a fantastic book. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read it!
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