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Ok. I read the first book and was hooked at the beginning, but then was a bit disappointed further through the book. However, I decided to give the second book a chance and I'm glad I did. I'm not quite sure what it is about this series, but I just have to know what happens. All the vampire quirks really freak me out and I think they are pretty weird, but that's the awesome thing about this series; It's in a league all it's own. It's also totally unique.

The Prey picks up where The Hunt left off. And right from the first sentence I was hyperventilating. Talk about your scary vamps! YIKES! Aundrew Fukuda does an incredible job of scaring the ever living daylights out of me. Well done Mr. Fukuda, well done.

Things I Loved:

Getting to know Sissy better. I loved how her character is more prominent in this book and I have to say I really love her character! She is a true leader and takes charge of those around her. She's also fearless and does what she things is right!

The non stop suspense. There was never a time where the humans could just relax. I'm not kidding, even now just typing about it, my heart is thumping hard. Scared me to death!

The mystery of the Scientist. Okay, Gene's father is amazingly intelligent. And I love where Mr. Fukuda took this character in this book.

Things that left me wanting:

The Mission really creeped me out. I was really not wanting to read those chapters, but now I totally understand why they were doing the things they were. The old men though....gross.

Ashley June. That's all I'm saying.

All in all I liked this book even better than the first book! And I have to say that I will be reading the third book because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!
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