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What I Liked: I have enjoyed all of the books in this series and was excited to read this one. As always, Cora Carmack gives us a well written story that's entertaining and characters who are easily relateable. She isn't afraid to tackle the tough issues either, but manages to do it with humor and grace.

I think Jackson Hunt may be my new favorite Cora Carmack guy. (Don't be mad Cade.) He's tall, dark and all kinds of abilicious, and I liked that he doesn't let Kelsey settle for the life she's been living. But what sealed the deal for me was how he expresses himself to her and the way he goes about doing that. And no, I'm not talking about the smexy stuff although there is plenty of that too. ;)

What Left Me Wanting More: Kelsey was a difficult character for me to like. (This is a good thing because it means I felt something. There's nothing worse as a reader than to feel indifferent towards a character.) I understood why she made the choices she did even if I didn't agree with them, and I think I would've connected with her more if she had gone to Europe on her own dime and not her Dad's. However, I was tossing up a high five for her at the end!

The scenery in this story makes me wish I could spend a few months visiting them all!

Final Verdict: Great addition to the Losing It series!
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