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A Spunky Romp Through Scarletville
(Updated: October 13, 2013)
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As a self-proclaimed Artie, I knew I had to read this story when it came out! What is an Artie? An Artie is someone who dyes her hair red or enhances the color.

What worked for me had to be how the author plays with stereotypes in such a way that it works. Also I loved the whole premise of having a town where Redheads rule. It's an interesting twist on discrimination against those who aren't Redhead such as Blondes. The nastiness isn't hidden much either. In this town even the adults reinforce the rule that only Redheads get ahead.

I also liked Felicity. It would have been so easy to make her vain and full of herself but she struggles with the knowledge that she's really a fraud as she'd been dying her hair since she could remember. She admits she likes the popularity that comes with being a Redhead and all that comes with it like the hot jock boyfriend. But there's times when she fears she'll be exposed for the truth. This works well in this storyline. I felt her struggles, fears, and confusion. I also like her one friend Ivy who is everything that Felicity isn't-she's not afraid to be who she is.

What I had issues with had to be the whole blackmail premise. I found it hard for Felicity to not do anything against her blackmailer for so long. Also the blackmailer reveal was kind of obvious. I think it would have been fun to expose someone that the reader didn't expect. And finally would Felicity really have a hard time with knowing that there were other towns where it was okay not to be a Redhead? But that's just me.

Also some of the stereotypes like the dumb jock kind of went over the top. I did like the other possible love interest that shows up right when Felicity starts to question everything she's been groomed for since childhood.

Overall, I enjoyed this funny and at times thought provoking story. The humor really works.

A spunky romp through Scarletville where Redheads rule. A twist on discrimination with a heroine who finds she's not a cookie cutter girl in a town filled with them.
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