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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is a book where you have to unravel all of the pieces to completely understand the plot. Mara Dyer is a very eccentric book. I truly enjoyed this book .

I think the plot is very well written and put together. I personally haven't read any YA books like this and to be able to is very refreshing. It is relevant to the whole paranormal thing but still unique by separating itself into a world where the main protagonist could possibly be psychotic. but its still very recognizable with the whole new girl at school, girl meets bad boy who couldn't possibly have a care in the world.

The parts that angered me was when the "bullies" of the school had framed Mara's only friend Jaime and he had gotten expelled. Mara Dyer is witty, cynical, humorous, and just so real. The way that the author had written a teenage girl in the 21st Century diagnosed with PTSD is very believable.

Noah Shaw and Mara Dyer are probably one of my favorite characters of all time. Noah Shaw is your typical narcissistic, sarcastic, manwhorish bad boy who gets whatever and whoever he wants because of his charming good looks, not to mention his parents are filthy rich and sponsor the school. When Mara and Noah first met I had to put the book down and just laugh. I like how straightforward Noah is.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer was very entertaining and I definitely want to buy this book and the next two in the series. Michelle Hodkin did a very good job with this being her first book. I have already read the Evolution of Mara Dyer and it was by far my favorite from the series. I need to know what happens next. But unfortunately the third and final book comes out early 2014.
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