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What I Loved:

What a sequel! I really enjoyed HEMLOCK, book one in this series, and was hoping to be just as enthralled with THORNHILL. I'm happy to report that THORNHILL captures one of the best parts of HEMLOCK: the fast-paced, suspenseful action that grabs the reader from the first page and refuses to let up. Readers will be instantly engaged. Mysteries, action, surprises, and more action await the reader on every page. This is not a placeholder book two put here to act as a bridge from the first book in a trilogy to the last. This book is a plot-filled, high stakes ride the entire way through.

I liked the secondary characters that are introduced in THORNHILL. I can't discuss that without giving away spoilers, but I enjoyed the way Mac's relationships pushed her to grow as a person. She's still the same feisty, courageous girl we had in HEMLOCK, but she has to dig a little deeper and sacrifice a little more to do what needs to be done, and she has to learn how to re-shape her view of someone she'd previously written off in anger. Readers will connect with Mac's journey, and will also feel invested in the secondary characters.

The world building is exceptional. The author explores politics, family, and prejudice in a nuanced, layered approach that often raises more questions instead of giving pat answers. There isn't a false note in the entire story--the reader feels completely convinced that lupine syndrome exists, that the camps are plausible, and that humans have divided themselves (even within families) into those who support werewolf rights and those who can't see werewolfs as anything but dangerous threats to the rest of the world.

What Left Me Wanting More:

The only thing that left me wanting more was the romantic tension. In HEMLOCK, the romantic tension and swoony moments between Mac and Kyle came to life on the page and pulled the reader in. Perhaps it's the non-stop action or the circumstances Mac and Kyle find themselves in, but I didn't feel as connect to their relationship as I'd hoped.

Final Verdict:

With non-stop action and heart-pounding suspense, THORNHILL is a sequel that delivers.
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