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What I Liked:
So far as series go, Sapphire Blue is really consistent with the quality of the first book. Of course, the fact that, if you removed the framing narrative, this is essentially just one book may help with that. Seriously, the first chapter picks up right where the scene left off in Ruby Red, which makes me glad that I am binge-reading this series. There is NO way I would have remembered what was going on a year later. Well, also, this is a really great series to read all in a row, because it goes so fast and is totally addictive.

In volume two, Gier really ramps up the important stuff: the kissing. Okay, I know there’s some super fun time traveling stuff happening, and I’ll get to that, but COME ON I would be lying if I said that was the part that I liked best. Anyway, I’m still not really shipping Gideon and Gwyneth exactly, but, at the same time, I really just want them to kiss all the time, because Gier is really good at writing adorable kissing scenes. Even better, most of the time when I am going NOW KISS at the book, they DO. If only all fictional characters were so sensitive to my reading needs.

The one detractor from the cuteness that is Gideon and Gwyneth is that they’re totally instaloving all over each other, and I think this is a big part of why I can’t ship it. However, Gier through a wrench in there that could explain so much. There’s a chance she could maybe redeem the instalove, though I suspect it will just revive in a new form, though the book’s so funny I might not care…much. Plus, they have this super young Darcy and Elizabeth vibe that makes them getting together super satisfying.

So, right, I promised you time travel. The whole plot of the good guys and the bad guys and what they’re trying to do is still a little fuzzy to me to be honest. However, the journeys into the past in Sapphire Blue are much more fun than in the first book. This time, she gets to dress up in pretty clothes and go to parties. Holla! Seriously, this appeals to me so much it is kind of ridiculous.

Anyway, I love how much Sapphire Blue does not take itself seriously. Like, it could have been this intense time travel adventure, but instead it’s highly comedic. My absolute favorite part, aside from the kissing, is when they go back in time to a soiree. Gwyneth gets drunk on the punch, at the behest of the other ladies, all quite smashed themselves. Then they ask her to sing, so she treats them all to an early preview of a song from Cats. Basically all of this was the best.

What Left Me Wanting More:
There's not been much plot yet, because this really reads like a single novel that's been expanded into a series. However, if you can ignore that, this is fantastic.

The Final Verdict:
Sapphire Blue is just as fun and full of romance and adventure as Ruby Red. Most of the plot seems to be left for the final volume, but these are still a fluffy delight.
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