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(Updated: October 05, 2013)
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I fell in love with Gayle Forman's romantic coming of age story JUST ONE DAY and couldn't wait to read what really happened that one fateful day in Paris.

Let's just say I wasn't disappointed! JUST ONE YEAR shows us what happened through the eyes of Willem. He ends up waking up in a hospital not remembering much. One thing keeps bothering him. He has this overwhelming urge to find a girl named Lulu. This takes him back to Holland and then to Mexico and India on a search which is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Along the way readers find some huge reveals about Willem and why he's so driven to travel everywhere and not stay long in one place.

I loved this book so much. I was dying to find out why Willem 'left' Allyson 'Lulu' behind in Paris. The author does a fab job of digging deep within Willem, showing us a flawed but vulnerable protagonist. I also loved the reference to double happiness. We see how 'hurt' Willem is by his own mother's so-called desertion after his father's death. We also see how Willem really wants to have a lasting relationship but fears being hurt...again. So he bounces from one cute girl to another, hoping for happiness which only eludes him. You can't help but hope he finds Lulu.

What's so wonderful about this book and also JUST ONE DAY is how readers are able to follow both Allyson and Willem on their search for each other. You can't help but feel the frustrations of trying to recapture the magic you felt with a stranger, the despair of feeling the hopelessness of not, and finally the...

Nope, not going to reveal that! Let's just say you have to read this series. Amazing writing that pulls you along on a cross county search for love.

Romantic coming of age story that answers the question on what happened on that fateful day back in Paris. A very satisfying conclusion to JUST ONE DAY. This time told through the eyes of Willem.
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