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Antigoddess was a bit of a wildcard pick for me. I really knew nothing about the story, but I've really been wanting to read Kendare Blake's other novels, Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares. I've heard so many wonderful things about her writing so I jumped on the chance to get a copy. I went in to the story almost completely blind, with only the small amount of knowledge about Greek mythology that I was taught in school. What turned out to be an excellent aspect of the novel was that you don't really have to know anything about Greek mythology. The story is so well crafted that it works and flows together and it all makes sense.

However, the story went at a very slow pace. I had some trouble focusing on what was happening and it took me a while to get through. The problem most likely stems to the amount of characters the novel holds. Jumping between different characters and story lines can be time consuming and so by the time we got to the climax of the plot, the book was over. The lead up took about 17 of the 20 chapters and we only get a taste of the battle that is just beginning. I feel like there was too much time spent talking and not enough time spent doing. That being said, it was incredibly well written. Good writing can make up for so many things, and in this case, it made up for the slow pacing. The writing was very descriptive and especially gory. The author definitely did not shy away from giving us all the details. (A lot of them made me wince while reading.)

Another redeeming aspect was the overall story. It was completely original. We're not getting a retelling of a story or myth. Instead we are getting modernized and dying gods, fighting against each other to ensure their survival. Each god had an affliction that was just so creative and fitting for each iconic figure. And speaking of iconic figures, I absolutely loved that Athena was one of the main protagonists. She is hands down my favorite figure in Greek mythology. She's a goddess of battle, but she's been separated from her original world, as are all the other gods. I thought it gave her more depth and more conflict to her. The idea of setting all these gods in a modern setting and being able to see what they would have become after thousands of years is absolutely fascinating to me. And Kendare Blake did a wonderful job of reimagining each god and the other characters. The only ones I didn't care much for were Cassandra and Aidan, but I got over it. They were essential to the story.

In the end, I enjoyed the overall story and characters. The pacing is something I can look past now that the story is set up and ready for the sequel, which I will most certainly be reading along with the author's other novels. (Her gory and sometimes frightening descriptions in this book have me excited to see what she does with the horror genre.) This series definitely has promise.
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November 06, 2013
I'm thinking of listening to this one instead of reading so I wonder what if that would help with the pacing. I've been hearing mixed reviews so hopefully it'll work for me. I liked Anna Dressed in Blood, but I wasn't totally in love with it.
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