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What I Liked:
Ruby Red is a really fast-paced, light, humorous read and I was flipping pages like a mad woman to find out what would happen next.

Generally, time travel stories make me crazy, because they end up being super complex or just off the wall impossible with contradictions. With Ruby Red, though, Gier handles everything in a way I deem acceptable. The time travel stuff is really fun and not intensely scientific. This definitely falls more on the fantasy end of the spectrum than science fiction.

Like several people in her lineage, Gwyneth discovers that she has the time traveling gene, much to the disappointment of her aunt and cousin, who were convinced Charlotte had it. Poor Charlotte! Gwyneth reads a bit young and naive, but it worked. She feels like a real teenager, youthful and a bit snarky. I love the way she’s always making fun of the people bossing around in her head. I look forward to watching her grow as the series progresses.

The prologue and epilogue are really interesting, because they’re an unnamed couple that can time travel. The guy is unnamed and he calls the girl Princess. Is it Gwyneth and Gabriel grown up? Another set of time travelers? My curiosity runs rampant. Usually I find such framing devices annoying and pointless, but this one is a delight.

Then there’s this romance that promises to be super flaily down the road, since it starts with Gwyneth witnessing another version of herself kissing Gideon. Later, though, they meet and he’s all “she’s not handsome enough to tempt me.” Okay, fine, he didn’t say THAT, but the spirit’s the same. Obviously, these two crazy kids are meant to be, but I didn’t quite get the swoony feelings yet, but I am definitely keeping an eye open for when they dress in those costumes from that first kissy scene.

What Left Me Wanting More/The Final Verdict:
Ruby Red was seriously a lot of fun and I don’t have any real complaints, but I don’t feel like I’ve gotten enough yet. I need more world building, more feelings, more intensity and more character development. For now, this is a super cute, page-turningly fun read, but I’m hoping for a bit more depth in the next two books.
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