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When I had read The Redemption of Ajax, I wasn’t so sure about the series you know. It was a bit Lords of the Underworld-ish to me – these immortal warriors looking for their soulmates and stuff. Sasha and Ajax – their story was cute but a bit insta-lovey and while I liked them, I wasn’t shipping them as much. However, Jordan and Key – now they are the ones I am shipping after this book. Both are a perfect match – both selfless, always fulfilling others’ expectations of them, such that eventually they don’t do anything for their own sake. Their meeting was also unconventional – Key sure had saved her, but she was already in love with another and while she agreed to become immortal for the Mephisto, it was really him she was doing it for. Their relationship started from convenience to friendship and finally to love.

Eryx plays a larger role in the book as he tries to entice Jordan to his side. I did find it horribly misogynistic that all he wants are babies and considering that the women are dependent on men for their turning into Mephisto in this series, Jordan was a strong enough character to stand up to both events. She is ready to be a warrior because she wants to do the things she needs to do by herself, which is admirable. She sure could have hung around the Mountain while the other Mephisto went for the takedown but she knew it was something she would have to learn to do for herself. That growth and the vulnerability she and Key show to each other endeared this book to me. I would, however, strongly advise this book for mature readers as there are sexual references in this book that would not be suitable for everyone.
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