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Fantastic companion to Inbetween!
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So, I recently read 'Inbetween' and loved it. I love all the characters and was quite taken with Cash. I had wished he had more time in the first novel. So, when I found out 'Blurred' focuses on Cash and Anaya, I was very excited! And this book does not disappoint.

What I liked: Cash! I loved reading from his point of view. It broke my heart to hear how much it hurts him to watch Emma with Finn. It's his own fault though, and I think he deals with it rather well. And I just loved his interactions with Anaya.

I love the two POV's throughout the book. Tara Fuller does a fantastic job of going between the two main characters so we get the "full" story. Plus getting inside Cash's head is a bonus!

What left me wanting more: Not enough Cash. Just kidding, no but really, I could always use more Cash! I also really missed Emma and Finn. I would love to read more on their story.
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