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Sweet Romantic Time Travel Tale
(Updated: September 24, 2013)
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This is the perfect companion novel to My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century! A sweet romance that is sure to appeal to younger readers and teens too.

What worked for me had to be the fun, adorable spin on the time travel premise. Too often these stories tend to be darker or very confusing to follow. Not the case here! Alessandra D’Angeli, 'Less', Cat’s sixteen-century Italian ancestor, comes to modern day Beverly Hills. Seeing our world through Less’s eyes is hilarious at times(her reaction to a thong) to downright endearing. Less starts off as a shy time-traveler bringing the customs and expectations with her. Then she meets Austin which causes literal sparks to ignite.

Less’s experiences in our time period give strength to this story. I loved seeing everything through her eyes. There’s a quirky charm to this story which had me giggling in more than a few places. Austin is the classical ‘full of himself jerk’ who later shows his true colors. I liked how we see his vulnerabilities and not just his surfer dude persona. Less and Austin’s relationship starts off with a dare and builds into something much more.

This is mostly Less’s story though we do find out more about her modern day cousin Cat and what happens to her own romantic tale after leaving Lozeno behind.

Adorable new sixteen century heroine’s journey through modern day Beverly Hills filled with humor, friendship, and even romance. Everything that teens I know want in a YA story!
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