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The Cover Sure Is Pretty
(Updated: September 23, 2013)
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What I Liked:
TUMBLE & FALL was in one of the many gift bags I received at BEA'13 and I am not ashamed to admit I spent more than a few minutes staring at the pretty cover. The writing is beautiful and the premise intriguing - an asteroid is barrelling toward Earth threatening to end all life as we know it, so don't waste another minute. Told from three different POV's, I was anticipating an exciting story that would have me on the edge of my seat right up until the last page, but...that wasn't what happened.

What Left Me Wanting More:
I usually enjoy seeing a story play out through more than one POV, however, TUMBLE & FALL left me feeling disconnected to the characters. I also felt like they were not as panicked as they should have been. I mean, THERE IS A FREXING ASTEROID HEADED STRAIGHT FOR YOU FACE PEOPLE!

Final Verdict:
Beautiful writing, but the build up leads to a lackluster ending.
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September 23, 2013
I'm sad this one wasn't more enjoyable since the cover is kind of gorgeous and pulls me in every time I see it.
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