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Review: Thin Space
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Thin Space was a book that began slowly and slightly unexciting and then became something with more depth and emotion. But it still didn’t captivated me.

At first I couldn’t relate myself with Marsh and didn’t particularly like him. He changes slightly during the book, becoming more aware of his surroundings and people, and allowed us to know his true identity. I’ve got to admit being in shocked with the revelation at the end.

Maddie was an okay character but she sounded too naive and too immature. However, just like Marsh, she develops a little and we understand her fear towards the end of the book.

The whole concept of thin spaces was explained throughout the book but I felt like something was missing. I wished there was more to it than what it appeared in the book.

Overall, this was a difficult book to follow in the beginning but then changes into a rather pleasant and enjoyable reading. However, it’s a book that I’ll forget quickly which is quite of a shame because the premise sounded interesting enough. It simply didn’t worked that well for me.pdmtz
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