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And here I thought that Lisa Desrocher's Personal Demons series was steamy at times - A Little Too Far blows it out of the water with a story that is a little bit risque and a lot bit hot. While the heartbroken college student is no stranger to most readers, Lisa Desrochers has put her own spin on the traditional tale when she adds in the story of the hot step-brother. As weird as it seems at first, it is so easy to see how good Lexie and Trent are together.

This book has the sexytimes down to the T. The scenes at the novel's beginning between Lexie and Trent pretty much just heat up the pages. Oy. I could really see Lexie with both guys in the book - Alessandro or Trent - they are both good for her in different ways.

Lisa Resrochers really makes Rome come alive - I felt like I was right there alongside Lexie in her year abroad. I also am really just jealous of the scholarship Lexie wins that pays for her year abroad - I totally want that, ha.

As another to join the ranks of the few new adult novels I have really loved, I cannot recommend A Little Too Far enough. I think Lisa Desrochers is a crazy talented writer who only gets better with each book she writes. With this in mind, I cannot wait for another release from Lisa Desrochers!
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