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You Look Different In Real Life
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You Look Different is the story of five kids who star in a series of documentaries from the time they were six. Their now sixteen and about to start the third movie. Justine our POV character feels like she has done nothing in the last five years and is anxious about how viewers will see her. She isn't lead guitar in a rockband like her eleven year old self thought she would be, she's not a rebel with a cause, or the star of the high school theater. She's just a regular teenage girl, nothing special. She goes to school, hangs out with her friend Felix, watches movies, and eats dinner with her family. That's pretty much it. Who's going to want to watch that? When shooting starts, Lance and Leslie, the directors, have trouble getting good footage so all the kids go for a weekend at a retreat. I didn't expect the story to go in the direction it went in after that and I'm not sure I liked it as much as I could have, but I did enjoy it overall. Jennifer Castle did an great job of creating three dimensional characters. The story isn't so much Justine's as it was all of theirs. They were all coping with themselves, their family, friends, and the world. While I really liked seeing them come to terms with everything, it all seemed to wrap up to nicely. They all faced their individual problems and then that was it. They had conquered it and it was basically over. There was also that matter of Justine's stomachaches. What was causing them? It seemed like it more then nerves, but it was never explained and that really annoyed me! *SLIGHT SPOILER* Another thing I didn't like was that Justine just took to taping so easily. I'd have liked to see her with her camera before the movie because as is I couldn't believe how quick she became attached to it. but overall it's still a very descent read
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Characters, interesting story idea
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