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Review: The Transfer
(Updated: September 04, 2013)
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Behave yourself Ner! Behave!

The Transfer is a short-story told by Four’s perspective when he’s face with his Choosing Ceremony. What I loved about this story was the fact that we got to meet Four even deeper than Free Four and we also got to see two sides of him: his Abnegation one and his newly acquired Dauntless one.

Before choosing his new faction, we are faced with a troubled Tobias who was too afraid to do anything wrong because of his father. It pained me to read it, to see him so helpless and so frightened. This Tobias Eaton wasn’t Four, he had nothing of the character we are introduced to in Divergent. He might had some traits, but he wasn’t Four!

In Divergent and Insurgent, we are not so aware of Four’s deep feelings about his father. Sure he tells Tris everything and we get a glimpse of it during his fear landscape, but The Transfer deepens it.

When Tobias chooses Dauntless as he new faction, he chooses it as an escape route rather than his heart desire. He just wants to leave, to get out of his father grip and fear and be free.

While Tris felt rather comfortable straight away in her new faction, Tobias felt as a fish out of water even reconsidering his choice. For a moment, I was faced with a Tobias that was always scared, always trembling with what was to come.

But what felt absolutely amazing was reading his change. The moment he finishes his fear landscape and Amar names him Four, he becomes Four, the Four we know and love and the Four that conquered me in Divergent.

And that, my friends, was the beauty of it all. Veronica Roth managed to subtly transform a tormented Tobias Eaton into our Four and, ladies and gentlemen, I couldn’t be more proud of it.

This short-story will be the pure delight (bookgasm) of all Initiates and Four lovers (such as myself) out there. Though it may pain you the beginning of the story, wishing to simply behead Marcus for his cruelty (I’ll never forgive you!!!), it’s also an excitement to see Four, our freaking awesome Four, born.

Veronica, you simply did it again! You make me a proud Initiate!!!
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It's Veronica Roth and it's Four. That's good enough for me :)
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